Werk Rapid produces and delivers pine wood of 1, 2 and 3-rd quality according to GOST 8486-86 and GOST 24454-80.

For timber drying we use drying equipment from Italian company Termolego with automatic control of drying process. Total volume of drying cameras is 500 m3. Full drying cycle is about 10 days.

Exact timber geometry ensures by Walter disc sawmill.  Four cutter Leadermac allows to produce high quality planed stock of different nominal sizes.

Minimum and maximum dimensions are

  • width 20-300 mm
  • thickness 15-250 mm
Such kind of materials is used on such construction works, where aesthetics is not required.
Edged board with cutted bark covered timber edges. Maximum cross-section is 240x240 mm.
Edged timber with humidity 8-18%.
Dressed timber is made from boards on the four cutter and has ideal edges and sharp geometry of the cross section.