Company Werk Rapid is modern highly automated enterprise with full range of wood processing. It offers wide spectrum of the different products.

Timber of the natural humidity and after camera drying from pine wood of 1, 2 and 3-rd quality according to GOST 8486-86 and GOST 24454-80
Fuel pellets – environment friendly bio fuel in form of granules with diameter from 6 to 12 mm made from wood waste.
Production of the EUR-1 pallets according to EPAL license as well as non-standard pallets according to the customer`s drawings.
Production of the linear articles with different profile for finishing
Production of the wooden glued articles, laminated beams, ply-curve beams and main beams including I-beams.
Production of the house wooden frames, roof constructions and frames of roof of any complexity.
Производство деревянных малых архитектурных форм для ландшафтного благоустройства.