Werk Rapid is a modern highly automated production of the frame-dwelling buildings based on German technology. Production capacity is 100,000 sq. m. of the housing space in a year.

High-end equipment makes possible to produce constructions of any complexity and configuration.

Parts production

Multi-function carpentry machine with CNC control WBZ 160 offers quick and fully automatic processing of the frame parts. Offer following operations: cross-cutting and re-sawing, fluting, rifling, drilling, milling, sawing out diffrerent bird`s mouth`s, lane marking.

Frames assembling

Frame of the wall panel assembles on the frame station in automatic mode according to the drawings.

Further assembly occurs through multi-function bridge,  that makes nailing, stapling, sawing, milling, and drilling. Spreading of the vapour and thermal insulation is foreseen during panels assembly.


Bulding structures from our factory already contains: mounted wall plates, corrugated hose for wiring, openings for ventilation and wastewater disposal, additional engineering equipment according to the project. This considerably decrease assembly time and costs at the customer`s building area.

Outer insulation and finishing

After the frame station the wall panels move to the division of additional thermal insulation and finishing. On this stage fulfilles windows and doors mounting, packing of the joints of slabby materials sheets. Ventilated façade or special vapour-permeable plaster are putted on the outer side.  After that the house is ready for the assembly.