House building

  • Домостроение
  • Домостроение

Werk Rapid offers full range of services in the fields of design, production and assembly of the quickly mounted frame-dwelling buildings for industrial, social and civilian designation. Production capacity is up to 100,000 sq. m. of the housing space in a year.

Own production base, modern equipment as well as own design and construction company allows to meet the challenge not only construction of the new buildings but also reconstruction of the existing buildings in the shortest possible time.

Our professional team solves any customer`s problems starting from reference design development and up to commissioning of a turn key facility.

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This section describes the most popular constructions of the frame house and their data.

Project office of Werk Rapid offers proven off-the-shelf solutions as well as individual design of all disciplines.

Photos of the different stages of house erection and photos of the finished buildings

We deliver building constructions to the mounting place using special transport.

Assembly of the building constructions proceeds in the shortest terms in any season. Preparation to the assembly of the building constructions on the building area proceeds during bulding constructions` production in the factory.

Small weight of constructions and short assembly time allow to use our technology during following reconstruction of the buildings and facilities:

- Increasing the floors number

- Construction of the double-pitched roof

- Replacement of the roof timbers

Embedded elements for the utilities are mounted during the building constructions production at the factory. This allows reducing utilities mounting time at the building area.

Parts of the houses produce on the precise automatic equipment from Weinmann Company according to German technology. Main set of operations is made in the plant with the following quality control.