Buildings design

Modern design techniques used by the specialists of the Werk Rapid project office are the basis for the high quality of our products. Automatic data transfer from the design software to the equipment ensures high accuracy of all parts and joints.

Individual approach to every customer, full set of design and survey works, modern constructible solutions for the frame-dwelling buildings based on German technology are the main working principles of our company.

Proven solutions

Development of all off-the-shelf solutions is performed with the participation of all experts from the design and construction industry.

Architecture, design, utilities – all disciplines are working out thoroughly in order provide you with high quality and examined in details projects only.

Professional team

Cooperation of architects, designers, technologists and economists allows to find the best price-quality ratio for your house. The economy is obtained not through the cheap materials, but through the balanced solutions, optimization of the materials cutting, saving the labor at the building area and, naturally, the shop assembly.


Any off-the-shelf project can be adapted according to individual requirements of our customers and specifics of their parcel.

Up to date

We use the cutting edge methods of design. All constructions and utilities are built in common 3-D model. This is the only way to eliminate possible mistakes and defects in the projecting phase.